Domestic Abuse Court Orders

At AFG LAW our domestic abuse solicitors understand there can be a lot of confusion about getting the right protective order.

You might be told to get an ‘injunction’ which is an outdated way of describing the kind of court orders that might provide you with security and doesn’t help you understand the type of order that best works in your circumstances.


It may also be the case that, in order to provide you with the tailored protection you need, a combination of orders is necessary; for example a Non-Molestation Order alongside a prohibited steps order, or a Non-Molestation Order and an Occupation Order.


Our solicitors can help you clearly understand what options are available to you and how to get the right order for you and your family.


There are a number of different types of domestic abuse order:



Our solicitors will always prioritise calls from people experiencing domestic abuse and know that accessing urgent advice can be crucial. Our large team mean that we have the experience and structures in place to provide responsive, clear legal advice and make emergency applications. Legal aid may be available to you and our solicitors are able to offer a quick assessment often over the telephone.


We understand that reaching out to a solicitor, or for any kind of help, is a big step. Our friendly, approachable solicitors will do their best to make you feel at ease and all our discussions are confidential. If you are worried about what the court will look at when making a domestic abuse order and the court process, contact us today or an initial chat.


Our family team can help you with a full range of legal services.


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