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Civil Partnership Disolution

The breakdown of a civil partnership is an upsetting experience. At AFG, we offer our clients effective legal advice to guide them through this difficult time. Our solicitors will provide clear, professional guidance on the most suitable approach to your separation. We can address financial settlements, pre-registration agreements and the division of assets in a way that acts in the interests of both parties.


For more information on how AFG’s civil partnership solicitors can assist you, contact our team on 01204 377 600, or email your details to

How Our Family Solicitors Can Help

If you choose AFG, you can expect an efficient service that is tailored to your legal needs. Ending a civil partnership is a similar process to divorce that requires careful mediation and expert legal guidance. Our civil partnership team can offer advice on:

  • Financial Settlements& Division of Assets: We will endeavour to reach a fair financial statement that takes into account your needs and is beneficial to you.
  • Child Custody: If there are children involved, we can appeal for residence and contact orders to ensure the children are protected.
  • Pre-registration agreements: Our team can offer guidance on pre-registration agreements and how they will affect a separation.

Contact AFG about Your Civil Partnership

The solicitors at AFG can offer specialist legal guidance on any area of your civil partnership dissolution. For more information on how we can help you, contact our Bolton-based team today. You can call us on 01204 377 600, or you can and one of our solicitors will get back to you.

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