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Pensions can now be included in any settlement or Court Order, so it is important to seek guidance to protect and secure your future. At AFG, our solicitors offer solutions to the dizzying array of pension divisions available for clients going through a divorce or separation. We take a sensitive and efficient approach that aims to benefit both parties.


For more information on pension splitting, contact a lawyer at AFG. You can call our Bolton office on 0845 074 3491, or email us at

Pension Solicitors for You

Consult an AFG lawyer about pension splitting and we will advise you on the best course of action. Our pension splitting service has been designed to make the process as straightforward as possible.

There are several approaches to take with your pension, this includes:

  • Pension Splitting: Also known as ‘pension sharing’, the pension is split with a one off payment into a new pension fund for the other spouse.
  • Pension Earmarking: A percentage of the pension is paid to one individual when the other retires.
  • Pension offsetting: This is where assets are used to equalise the amount received from the pension.

Our pension splitting solicitors will help to indentify the most effective option for you. Our team will secure your best interests whilst also offering a professional and constructive approach that will benefit both parties.

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The family law solicitors at AFG can offer advice on all areas of family law. If you would like a solicitor about pension splitting please call Jill Parratt on 0845 074 3491, or email Our expert team will provide you with more information on how effective legal representation will help to achieve a successful result.

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