In the event that someone close to you has died our probate solicitors can assist you with the probate process, including registration of the death, preparation of inheritance tax accounts, wills and trusts.


Probate Solicitors

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The Probate Process

Executors are now legally required to perform their duties with the utmost care and ‘due diligence’. If you take on the role of an executor or administrator then you become personally liable to the beneficiaries for any loss resulting from wrongful use of the deceased’s property, negligence or maladministration.

Our experienced probate solicitors can assist you in the performance of your duties, ensuring you avoid breaching ‘due diligence’ regulations. Our solicitors can:

•    Take the necessary steps to register the death and obtain details of the deceased’s assets and liabilities, with the assistance of professional valuations if required;

•    Prepare the Oath for executors or administrators;

•    Prepare Inheritance tax accounts and lodge them with the Inland Revenue;

•    Collect in all the deceased’s assets, taking into account the relevant provisions in the deceased’s will;

•    Ensure that all debts and liabilities of the estate are discharged, including funeral expenses and any other outstanding bills, including tax;


In the event that there is no Will, our probate solicitors may have to distribute the assets according to the law of intestacy. Ensuring that all those who are entitled to benefit under the laws of intestacy are traced and receive their payment can be a complicated procedure.

If you do not currently have a Will, and want to have some say over how and to whom your assets are distributed after death, visit our writing a Will page for more information.

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