Wills & Trusts

Making a will is the best way to ensure, in the event of your death, your property and finances are distributed the way you want them to be. If you do not make a will the Government will decide how your property is distributed, and it may end up going to estranged spouses, distant relations, the tax man, or even the Crown.


Wills and Trusts Solicitors in Bolton

The wills and trusts solicitors at AFG Law can provide clear, easy to understand legal advice on making a will. For more information please telephone Greg French on 01204 920 105 or email greg.french@afglaw.co.uk.


Who Should Make a Will?

Anybody who has recently married or divorced, is single, has children or has no dependents or has any property of any value, great or small, should make a will.

Our wills and trusts solicitors will explain that making a will is the only way of ensuring you make suitable provisions for your children, family and any dependents. You can:

•    nominate a guardian to look after your children, should anything happen to both parents;
•    specify at what age your children should take control of your property;
•    leave directions to ensure money is made available to your children during their upbringing and education;


Inheritance Tax

Our experienced wills and trusts team works very closely with a number of independent financial advisors, and together we can offer you comprehensive methods of minimising any inheritance tax that may be payable upon your death, through efficient use of exemptions, reliefs, lifetime gifts and trusts.


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In most cases making a will is not expensive and it is the only way to be sure that your wishes are followed on your death.

For more information and guidance, please contact our expert wills and trusts solicitors on 01204 920 105 or emailgreg.french@afglaw.co.uk.