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What to consider before appointing a solicitor

Wednesday October 25, 2023

Appointing a solicitor is a very important decision and one that can be a minefield. Whether you’re dealing with drafting a Will, buying property, or a dispute that you need resolving, choosing the right solicitor for you is critical. But how do you even know where to begin?

As a leading law firm which specialises in Private Client Matters, AFG Law, with offices in both Bolton and Bury, have helped many people with all manner of matters.

Jack Hewertson from AFG Law outlines the key factors to consider in ensuring you make the best choice:


Specialisation and Expertise

The first thing to think about is the area of law that you need advice on. Not all solicitor firms practice all aspects of law and careful consideration should be put into finding one who has experience in handling cases like yours.

For example, if you are worried that your mum or dad is becoming forgetful in their old age, a private client specialist would be more suitable than a solicitor who primarily handles corporate law. At AFG, many of our solicitors have been practicing in Bolton and Bury for many years and are highly experienced in a wide range of legal areas – which translates to a better understanding of the challenges that you may be experiencing.


Reputation and track record

As with most things, it’s well worth checking a solicitor’s reputation and track record from the off. Look for online reviews such as Google reviews and seek referrals from friends, family or colleagues who may have worked with the solicitor. As a firm that has been established for 125 years, we have a great reputation and extensive history of successful cases, demonstrating our ability to provide our clients with quality representation. Our experienced solicitors have a strong track record which will instil you with the utmost confidence.


Fees and payment structure

Transparency is key and you should discuss the solicitor’s fees and payment structure upfront to put you clearly in the picture. Depending on the area of law you require advice on, some solicitors will charge hourly rates, while others offer fixed fees for certain services. If your enquiry relates to family law, you may qualify for legal aid, which we can help with too. At AFG, our solicitors are open and honest about fee arrangements so you can feel confident in getting what you pay for with no nasty surprises.


Availability and accessibility

Consider the solicitor’s availability and accessibility. Depending on your case, you may need a solicitor who practices in your local area or one who specializes in cases across different jurisdictions. At AFG, our flexible working structure offers you greater flexibility in scheduling appointments through the use of virtual meetings or at the office in a face to face capacity. AFG embraces the traditional values of a successful high street law firm with the modern flexibility offering the best of both worlds.


Client-attorney relationship 

Communication must be transparent with clients which involves prompt responses to enquiries, providing comprehensive updates on case progress and ensuring that you are informed about all relevant legal matters. You should communicate honestly with your solicitor. Trust is a two way street. You should be able to trust the solicitor’s expertise and advise while solicitors should trust that clients are providing accurate and complete information. At AFG, our expectations are established at the beginning of every case so you know what you have to do to help us provide the best legal advice and how we go about giving it to you.



AFG Law is a long established, multi-disciplinary law firm providing a range of services across the North West and beyond, with offices in Bury and Bolton. It is built on traditional foundations combined with modern values and a fresh, forward-thinking approach.

It’s our mission to offer outstanding legal services, utilising our wealth of expertise and knowledge to advocate for our clients and simplify the process, cut the jargon and achieve the best possible outcomes. For more information, contact us on 01204 377600 or email us on privateclients@afglaw.co.uk


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