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The impact of COVID-19 on repossession proceedings

Thursday December 3, 2020

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Since the arrival of COVID-19, landlords across the UK have seen housing law and procedure turned on its head. The pandemic has led to the introduction of a national suspension of repossession proceedings, longer notice periods, greater duties placed on landlords to work with tenants to deal with any arrears which have accrued during the pandemic, together with a new Practice Direction having been published in order to deal with the sizeable backlog of cases which has built up. Whilst it seems a return to more normal times is on the horizon, there is still some way to go before courts will be back to their usual level of functioning. The introduction of new rules has also given rise to new procedural pitfalls which can catch out unwary landlords and letting agents.

But how can you help avoid such risks?

Matthew Taylor has produced a guide outlining the rules that apply to you, giving the correct amount of notice and ensuring you comply with the new procedure. He is a solicitor in our dispute resolution department and specialises in Landlord and Tenant matters.

To get your copy of this guide, please contact Matthew by emailing disputeresolution@afglaw.co.uk

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