National Bosses Day 2023

Today at AFG LAW, we spent some time celebrating our supervisors and bosses for their leadership, support, and guidance in our growing workplace.

We asked our colleagues to share an anonymous message about their bosses, check out their responses below:




Anita is one of best bosses that I have worked for. Her support and mentorship is invaluable. Anita is definitely an inspiration!





They have all been very welcoming and supportive since I joined the team 😊 (family dept)





Working for Beth and Monica is fab, we seem to work really well as a team and both of them are so understanding when you have a problem or need help with anything.  Love our pod





For Carl and Rahil – Wishing you both a happy Bosses Day – Think I can say on behalf of the team that we are all grateful and happy to have bosses like you both.  Thank you





I wanted to thank Matt and Carl for all the guidance and help with the office move – I have learned a lot! – and for being great bosses in general. Looking forward to the antics today!





Both Angela and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen as our new head of dept.  The dept has obviously been through a period of upheaval this last year, and Stephen joining us has helped mark a new chapter in the department’s development. Aside from bringing not only a breadth of experience to the role, he also brings humour and a down-to-earth approach – something which has made the transition to having a new head of department much smoother. The Haribos in particular are helpful in this respect.  Putting aside the fact it seems to be a role requirement that the DR Head of Dept must exceed a height of 6’, he is a clear fit with the firm and our culture. We are both also particularly impressed by his ‘Head of Dept dance’, which he has stated he is happy to perform for anyone on request on Boss’s Day.  Long may he reign! 😃





I want to say a huge thanks to Emma, Cath, Stacy and Ginnie for all the help and support they give to me and the team. We are really lucky to have so many approachable and knowledgeable Directors and Managers!!! 😊





Greg and Kate are both amazing bosses! I have learnt so much since working with them. They are both extremely knowledgeable and thorough. They are very approachable and supportive, and you know you can go to them with any problems or queries. I am very thankful for their guidance, and they make coming to work every day very enjoyable 😊





We all love Ginnie too, she is so positive, motivating and always there to offer advice or a solution! She always has a smile on her face and brings good energy to the office!





Matt – We just want to say a massive thank you for being a supportive and brilliant boss, you’re always there to lend a helping hand if we ever need it! We appreciate all the hard work you put in behind the scenes and the dedication and commitment you show to AFG. From Team Finance 😊





Anita is a brilliant boss 😊 I feel like if I have any issues whether it be work or personal Anita always makes the time no matter how stupidly busy she is. I also appreciate massively how flexible she has been with various childcare issues I have had of late, to ease that stress for a working Mum has been a real help for me. So thank you Anita 😊





Kate is a great boss and is really inspiring each day. I have learnt so much since working with her and she has made our department so much better!  She is so supportive with my studying and always has the time to help us no matter how busy she is. Thanks Kate !!





I just want to say a massive thank you to both Kate and Greg who are both incredible solicitors.

Kate: Kate has always supported me from the moment she joined AFG. She is a wealth of knowledge and has always gone out of her way to help the team and me. She always pushes us to reach our maximum potential and ensures she is always approachable whenever we need a helping hand!

Greg: Greg has always been supportive of my aspirations to become a solicitor and has spent many hours (more like days and years) helping me reach my goals! I would like to thank Greg for his leadership and guidance. He is always considerate, supportive and encouraging to the members of our team.





Ginnie is the best HR! She is always approachable and deals with every problem with a smile! Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and I am appreciative for the work she does at not only helping people at AFG but developing the culture and the firm.