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Team AFG volunteer for tree planing at Smithills Estate

March 7, 2019

AFG LAW are proud to be part of the Bolton Family and 9 of our staff took time out yesterday to volunteer at the Woodland Trust’s community tree planting initiative at Smithills Estate in Bolton.

The project aims to double the woodland cover at Smithills by planting 28,500 trees on the estate which will provide increased woodland habitat for wildlife at Smithills and also help to act as a natural flood defence, keeping the higher moorland wetter.

It was hard work but every one of our team loved being involved and felt it was very rewarding.

Here are some photos of our morning and afternoon teams. Thank you all.

Morning team:

Jennifer Evans

Matthew Taylor

Kirsty Griffiths

Jill Parratt

Afternoon team:

Emily McConnell

Kelsi Sollinger

Amanda Oakden

Matthew Fletcher

Heather Loynd

To find out more about the Woodland Trust visit