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PSG’s celebration of National secretaries day, 2015

April 30, 2015

Rhianne Williams won the PSG’s celebration of National Secretaries Day, for Best Support this month.

Rhianne has received well deserved recognition for her outstanding hard work and dedication as part of PSG’s celebration of National Secretaries Day, 2015.

Greg French, director of our Bury office said “She is my right hand… and my left! She moved to the new Bury office with me just over two years ago – she has not only maintained her excellent support standards and client care but has helped me develop a new branch office in Bury. She has been key in developing news relationships with clients and estate agent alike and has been instrumental in making the Bury office a success in such a short time. She now has aspirations of becoming a fee-earner in her own right. I know it is best for her but she will be sorely missed as a secretary when that happens. I simply depend upon her”.