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AFG LAW Family Team visit Legal Aid Agency

October 4, 2018

Yesterday the Family Law department at AFG LAW were kindly invited for a day trip to the Legal Aid Agency’s Manchester Office with a view of strengthening our ongoing working relationship.


Who are the Legal Aid Agency?

For those who are unsure, the Legal Aid Agency is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom. It provides both Civil and Criminal legal aid in England and Wales therefore it is safe to say they play a key role here at AFG LAW given that we are a full service law firm dealing with a range of Legal Aid funded matters.


What did we learn from our meeting?

After a welcoming introduction from the Business Improvement team, we discussed the aims of the Legal Aid Agency and what we can expect from them in the future. All law firms will be pleased to know that topics amongst discussion included customer services improvement and faster, streamlined processes to further assist law firms who make Legal Aid applications with the expectancy of receiving a response in a timely manner.

Our meeting with the Government agency also gave us a useful insight of their internal systems therefore after speaking with the Means Team and Merits Team, we took full advantage of this opportunity to obtain helpful tips when making applications so that Legal Aid can be granted to AFG clients as soon as possible.

It is without a doubt that our visit was an insightful and opportunistic one and we look forward to continuing to work with the Legal Aid Agency to build our ongoing working relationship.