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Remote Working in our Family Department

Thursday April 16, 2020

Family solicitor Jill Parratt shares what remote working looks like for AFG LAW’s family department during isolation.


Remote Working

Did you know that our solicitors and staff have not stopped working on your behalf since the nationwide lockdown began? We care about you and the work that we do for you. Here in the Family Department we are keeping regular office hours whilst we work from home and we stay in regular contact with each other by way of telephone conference, Skype and any other platform required to keep us at the forefront of all our legal work.


It has not been easy. The country as a whole is simply not prepared for an overnight transition to people working from home in isolation rather than in the office. However, we prepared well as a firm and as a department for just such an emergency and we are riding the storm and we are taking you with us.


Are you continuing with divorce proceedings and court applications?

Did you know we are able to continue with your divorce proceedings and court applications in just the same way now as we were doing two months ago? All of our necessary forms and paperwork are online and accessible to us as we work remotely. Our paralegals are still answering the phone and dealing with enquires and putting you through to the relevant fee earner. If you have an ongoing case in the Family Department then please do not think that you have to wait until the world has returned to normal before you can contact us about it again. Just phone. We are here and waiting to deal with your requests and to move your case forward.


If you are not currently a client but were thinking of instructing us after lockdown – why wait? Contact us now. There will very likely be a large number of people requiring family solicitor’s services for all manner of different reasons once the lockdown has ended and you can get ahead of that queue by contacting us now. Our staff regularly go into the office to collect crucial paperwork and to ensure that no documents are left unread and unattended to. We can start your divorce proceedings now if that is what you have decided you want to do. Alternatively, if you are simply thinking about divorce or separation and how the assets of you both might be divided, we can arrange for you to have a fixed fee consultation with an experienced solicitor in our Family Department. If you are working full time and unable to get to a telephone then we can also arrange for out of hours consultations to take place at your convenience.


If you are worried or concerned about any aspect of separating from your partner then don’t wait, ring us now. In a world that is strange and uncertain you can be sure of us.      


Call Jill or any of the family team on 01204 377600 or email familydepartment@afglaw.co.uk

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