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Boundary Definition and Disputes

Sometimes the boundary lines on your Land Registry plan do not always represent the situation on the ground and disputes can arise for a number of reasons including:

  • Boundary positioning
  • Trespassing issues
  • Encroachment by trees
  • Encroachment by neighbouring structures
  • Changes agreed between neighbours but not recorded by deed and /or on the Land Registry titles
  • The lack of accurate scale measurement from Land Registry and Ordnance Survey plans
  • The Land Registry General Boundaries Rule

We can help you to protect your interests and provide legal clarity on where boundaries lie and take up the issue with the neighbour or adjoining landowner; hopefully resolving it through communication, but if all else fails then either by Application to the Land Registry or the Courts as appropriate.

If you need any help with this area of land law, please contact our specialist property team which is led by Aaron Marshall. We can help clients to find resolution in the most complex of cases. Contact us on 01204 377600 or at

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