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Transfers of Part and More Complex Transactions

Sometimes property transactions are not as straightforward as a simple sale or purchase of all the land in a Land Registry Title or (if not registered), a Lease, Conveyance or Assignment.

If you wish to sell/transfer only part of a property or piece of land then it is vital that you have the right legal advice to do this.

The transactions are tailormade to fit all the circumstances and arrangements for each situation, including rights to be granted and/or reserved, positive and/or restrictive covenants other agreements between the parties and boundary maintenance arrangements.

If you need any help with this area of land law, please contact our specialist property team which is led by Michael Morgan. We can help clients to find resolution in the most complex of cases. Michael is a senior property /land law solicitor now specialising in dealing with land and property investigation, transfers of part and disputes and litigation. Contact Michael on 01204 377632 or at

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