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Proceeds of Crime and Confiscation

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) has many wide-reaching Restraint provisions. They not only affect individuals, but also companies and connected third parties.

Your assets can be frozen at the start of a criminal investigation (even before charges are brought) and any assets held abroad can be subject to repatriation.

When you are convicted of a criminal offence, you have to declare all of your earnings and assets and a court will decide whether they have been accumulated through the criminal activity. If it is determined that they have been acquired by criminal means then it is down to you to prove otherwise, which is where an expert POCA lawyer is needed.

Once there is a conviction, the prosecution will seek a Confiscation Order. We can help you to challenge every aspect of confiscation proceedings from the initial application through to enforcement. Our work covers arguing against confiscation proceedings, challenging assumptions and overturning confiscation orders in the Court of Appeal.

If you are a third party affected by the imposition of Restraint and Confiscation Orders then we can apply for your assets/income to be released from Restraint and represent you in any enforcement proceedings.

Our specialist team of proceeds of crime and confiscation lawyers are available to help you.

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