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Customs and Excise

If HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confiscated physical items from you then we can represent you in respect of this seizure.

Excise Fraud and Seizures relate to strict rules that govern the international transport, movement and sale of excise duty on tobacco, alcohol and hydrocarbon oils. Those traders who do not follow statutory requirements for handling these goods face penalties. Other areas of regulated activity include lottery, gaming, betting and air passengers. They are all subject to penalties if wrongdoing is established.

We can assist with the release of goods that have been held up or seized by HMRC or the UK Border Agency at the ports. We can also help with customs validation issues, country of origin disputes, numerous applications for repayment, remission of duties, waivers and mitigations in addition to civil evasion penalties, which fall to the directors to pay.

Our specialist team of customs and excise fraud lawyers are available to help you.

Our initial advice is free. Speak to us over the phone, via e-mail or in person if you prefer. You can either fill out our contact us form or call us on 01204 377600.

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