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Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption crimes cover areas such as extortion, kickbacks, illegal gratuities and corporate espionage. If you or your business is under suspicion or you have been arrested for bribery and corruption charges or you are facing investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, then you should speak to one of our business crime experts immediately.

At AFG LAW we specialise in defending both individuals and companies facing bribery and corruption charges. The Bribery Act 2010 created new criminal offences where companies as well as individuals can be prosecuted.  If found guilty of bribery offences, the punishment for the company, or even the owners of the company, can be very severe, including imprisonment.

Whilst bribery has always been a criminal offence for individuals, now businesses and their owners can be charged for accepting a bribe, giving a bribe, failing to prevent bribery and bribing an official. From a business perspective it could come from excessive corporate entertainment, payments to secure winning contracts and gifts that could be deemed disproportionate.

Whether you are faced with a corruption investigation or if you suspect bribes may have been paid on your or your company’s behalf, we can help you.

Our specialist team of bribery and corruption lawyers are available to help you.

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