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Small Claims Scheme

As many people know it is often uneconomic to instruct a solicitor to act in a modest claim; not least because, even if the claim is successful, the winner cannot recover costs from the loser save for a small sum of fixed costs. We at AFG LAW are aware from the many enquiries we receive that clients often find it difficult to assess whether they have a claim and, more importantly, how to bring that claim in Court.


Consequently, we have put in place a scheme which is designed to assist clients in how to deal with that process with fees which are fixed at the outset.

We offer the following:

  1. A fixed fee initial diagnostic interview to assess the nature of your claim, which will consider your prospects of success and the likely defences which you will face.

The fee is £100.00 plus VAT.

  1. Preparation of the initial Court documents. These are usually the Claim Form and the Particulars of Claim.

The fee is usually £150.00 plus VAT. For more complex cases the fee may be greater but we will inform you of this before any work is started.

When we send the draft Court documents to you they will be accompanied by a detailed letter explaining what to do with them and how the Court process is likely to develop.

  1. We usually find that clients are able to deal with the procedural steps which the Court lays down but if you require further advice during the conduct of the case we will provide it.

The fee for additional consultations is £100.00 plus VAT.

  1. If you wish us to present your case at Court we are happy to do so and will carry out all the pre trial preparation of documents – which you must provide to us well in advance of the hearing (at least 21 days) – and all advocacy at the hearing.

The fee for this service is £500.00 plus VAT.

If we are instructed to act under this scheme it is essential that clients provide us with all the information we request as quickly as possible. We aim to provide exactly the same service as we provide to every client. However, we do ask clients to recognise that this is a pared down scheme focusing only upon lower value claims – costs in relation to the sum claimed can be critical and the time we spend must be proportionate to the amount which is being claimed.

We do ask that if we are required to provide advocacy services for our clients that our account, inclusive of VAT, is paid at least 7 days before the hearing date – failing which we reserve the right not to act for the client. We will not place ourselves on record with the Court unless this account is paid.

We should make it clear that the costs referred to in this document are the costs of AFG LAW. They do not include the fees payable by the client to the Court which will remain the client’s responsibility at all times.

If you wish to discuss this scheme with us please make an appointment to see Ron Thexton who is head of the Civil Litigation Department at AFG LAW.

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