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Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

The solicitors at AFG Law have years of experience helping businesses claim for vehicle accidents that were not their fault. AFG’s solicitors use a successful personal approach that seeks to resolve your case efficiently and professionally. This is often achieved through a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, so you are guaranteed to keep the full amount of your compensation.


To find out if you can make a valid claim, contact our commercial vehicle accident team on 01204 377 600, or email us

Can I Make A Vehicle Accident Claim?

Commercial vehicle accident claims we have won, or are currently proceeding with include:
•    Courier Accidents
•    Heavy Goods Vehicle collisions
•    Motorcycle Accidents
•    Car Accidents
•    Stationary vehicle accidents
•    Whiplash compensation

Even if your vehicle accident claim is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. AFG solicitors will be able to offer advice on the potential of your case and the next step to take.
Our commercial accident solicitors understand that it is not just the physical damage that can leave a lasting effect. We can also help to claim compensation for any financial difficulty that has resulted from the accident.

This can include:
•    Loss of income
•    Medical treatment and Counselling
•    Damage to your vehicle
•    Hire car payments

Contact AFG Law’s Vehicle Accident Solicitors

If you would like more information on claiming compensation for a commercial vehicle accident, AFG Law would be happy to hear from you. Our team of expert solicitors are available to offer quality services and guidance to help you claim the best possible compensation.
Speak to an AFG vehicle accident solicitor at our Bolton office on 01204 377 600, or email

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