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Leg Knee Ankle Foot Injury Claims

Have you received an injury to your leg, knee, ankle or foot that was not your fault? In personal injury cases compensation can be claimed to offset the costs of medical care (physical and psychological) and your rehabilitation. Additionally, you could seek compensation for any loss of earnings whilst you are recovering – or if you are unable to work for a long time afterwards.


If, as a result of your injury, you require care or assistance from friends and family or you must attend physiotherapy or counselling you may be able to receive compensation. Damage to clothing and personal effects may also be covered. The personal injury team at AFG LAW will be able to advise you if it is appropriate to seek compensation and advise you on what you can be compensated for. For more information regarding leg, knee, ankle or foot injury compensation claims call Ron Thexton on 01204 377 600 or email

Can I claim for my leg, knee, ankle, foot injury?

If, as the result of someone else’s negligence, you have sustained a leg, knee, ankle or foot injury you may be able to claim compensation. The personal injury team at AFG LAW can help you with an injury claim which was the result of:
•    an industrial or work-related accident, such as falling from a height, having something dropped on your foot, a crushing or jamming injury or a strain whilst lifting heavy items
•    injuries which occurred whilst on holiday which are caused by someone’s negligence (at a hotel pool or on an amusement ride, for instance)
•    injuries sustained in a road traffic accident or a motorcycle accident which was not your fault
•    injuries sustained outside normally accepted play during your involvement in sporting activities (such as a bad tackle in a football / rugby match)

How much will a claim cost?

It is common in personal injury law cases that fees for legal help are often claimed from the opposing side’s insurers in a successful compensation claim. AFG LAW’s personal injury team only proceed with cases we have a reasonable expectation will be successful – which enables us to offer a no win, no fee service. In the majority of cases our claimants will receive 100% of the court awarded compensation.

To learn more about leg, knee, ankle or foot injury compensation claims contact Ron Thexton on 01204 377 600 or You can also use our online contact form or fill out the request a call back form on the right and we shall call you straight back.

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