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Personal Injury Claims

Being involved in an accident is bad enough without suffering financial difficulties as a result. If you have been injured as a result of an accident that was not your fault the procedure for obtaining compensation is quite simple, whether the accident took place on the road, in the street or at work.


The personal injury solicitors at AFG Law specialise in claiming compensation for accident victims. Your solicitor will look at the circumstances and will tell you whether, legally someone else is responsible. If so, the solicitor will act for you in pursuing the claim.

Your personal injury solicitors will get in touch with the other side, giving details of your accident and why you are entitled to compensation. The other party’s insurance company will respond by saying whether they agree. At this point arrangements will be made for you to be seen by a medical expert. This is usually someone who has been nominated by both parties, who will prepare a report giving details of your injuries and a prognosis on the period of time it will take you to recover.

From this information, you personal injury solicitor will usually be able to put a value on your claim and submit it to the insurers. In most case they will then settle, an agreement will be reached between the parties and you will receive the agreed compensation. Some cases will be more complex and your Solicitor will discuss these with you.

So what will it cost you?

Because you personal injury solicitor will have looked carefully at your case before taking it on, and be confident of winning, these cases are usually pursued on a no win, no fee basis. When you do win, in most circumstances your legal costs will be paid by the other side. So do not let the thought of legal fees put you off pursuing a valid claim.

Get in touch with a suitably qualified Solicitor and take it from there. The Civil Litigation Solicitors at AFG LAW., which has practised in Bolton for over a century, will help you.

Contact Ron Thexton on 0845 074 3491 or email: Based upon his knowledge and experience, he will give you advice on whether you have a valid claim and pursue it for you.

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