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Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a common injury often caused in the workplace following negligence by an employer. It can have devastating effects and can often cause problems with tasks outside of work, which can have a great impact on your lifestyle.


If you think you have suffered repetitive strain injury because of your work, the solicitors here at AFG Law can help you claim compensation.  Call us on 01204 377600 or alternatively fill in our online contact form.

Causes of Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI is caused by repetitive physical movements which can cause damage to nerves, tendons, soft tissue and muscles.  Rapid movement or repetition over a long period of time can also cause muscle fatigue and build up metabolic waste.  The damage can lead to serious pain and even permanent disability.

RSI can go on to cause the following conditions:
•    Tenosynovitis
•    Tendonitis
•    Carpal tunnel syndrome
•    Bursitis
•    Thoracic outlet syndrome
•    DeQuervain’s syndrome
•    Myofascial pain syndrome
•    Trigger finger/thumb
•    Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Symptoms of RSI include stiff, sore and burning hands, fingers, forearms and elbows.  The hands can often feel like they are cold, tingling or numb, with no strength or coordination and can often be very painful.

Make Your Repetitive Strain Injury Claim Today

If you think your repetitive strain injury has been caused by your employment, you may have a case for a claim.  For more information or legal advice, contact the specialist solicitors at AFG Law today on 01204 377600 or fill in our online contact form to start your claim now

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