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Industrial Deafness Claims

Industrial deafness is caused from exposure to loud noise whilst at work. It can also be referred to as ‘occupational deafness’. Those who work in a noisy working environment may suffer from hearing loss very quickly or it can occur over the course of many years.


If you believe you suffer from industrial deafness and you think it could have been avoided you may be entitled to claim compensation. For advice from the team of expert solicitors at AFG Law, contact us today by calling 01204 377600 or by filling in our online contact form.

The Causes Of Industrial Deafness

There are various ways that industrial deafness can be caused:

•    Short bursts of very loud noise e.g. explosions from building demolition or working near jet engines
•    Continuous loud noise e.g. machinery in factories

The consequences of this can be:

•    Partial hearing loss – unable to hear under a certain volume and/or struggle to hear specific sounds
•    Full hearing loss
•    Other hearing conditions – such as tinnitus (non-stop buzzing sound in one or both ears)

If you struggle to hear voices when there is background noise such as music or other people talking you may well have a hearing difficulty.  If you cannot hear a colleague at work from 2 meters away there is a high chance the level of noise could be damaging your hearing.

Contact Us About Your Industrial Deafness Claim

If you believe you have fallen victim to industrial deafness then we can help.  We are experienced industrial deafness claims solicitors and can give you the best possible chance of recovering compensation for your suffering.  Please contact us today to discuss your claim further on 01204 377600 or by filling in our online contact form.

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