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Industrial Injury Claims

An industrial injury occurs to employees in the process of them doing their job. Employers have a responsibility to protect employees from injuries with reasonable cause. Unfortunately, some employers do not provide a safe working environment which has consequences for the employees.


If you believe you have suffered health problems due to your employment you may have a case for an industrial injury claim.  Contact us today by either calling 01204 377600 or filling in our online contact form.

Responsibilities of the Employer

Employees are entitled to be able to work without fear for their health.  Employers should provide training for the operation of equipment and to also ensure that safety equipment is always available.  If there is danger involved in the job role there must be procedures in place so that the employee can perform their job safely.  If the employer has failed to provide a safe working environment then there may be case for a claim.

Responsibilities of the Employee

An employee should look out for their own safety and are expected to highlight unsafe areas to the employer, point out broken equipment and ask for safety equipment when required.

Common Industrial Injuries

Common industrial injuries include:
•    Asbestosis
•    Industrial deafness
•    Vibration white finger
•    Repetitive strain injury

All of these injuries can be debilitating and can have an impact on quality of life.

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