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If you are unlucky and REFUSED police bail on a Friday night (or a Bank Holiday weekend) DON’T DELAY because your case will be heard in MANCHESTER. Tell the police to contact AFG LAW straightaway as we WANT to be there to represent you! Better still ALWAYS ask for us when you are in the police station. We are on call 24/7.


If You Are Arrested

Whatever the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of you need a criminal law solicitor present at the police station, whether it is a minor crime or a very serious one.  If you are guilty or innocent, you should never “go it alone” in the police station – in both situations an experienced solicitor should be present as they have experience of dealing with the police in difficult circumstances.

If you are accused of a crime or part of a criminal investigation please call us now on 01204 377 600 or use our contact us form.  We also have a 24 hour police station advice line number you can call on 07876155616.

If You Are Charged

If you are charged as a result of the criminal investigation, our involvement does not end there – we can help to advise and represent you in the courtroom also:

  • For cases that go to the magistrates court, we can represent you through that process
  • Cases that are too serious for magistrates go to the crown court, and for these we have in-house solicitor advocates and instruct carefully selected and approved barristers when required.


At AFG LAW we have a legal aid franchise, and for those that are eligible, we have a block contract with the Legal Services Commission to provide publically funded advice and representation.

For those that do not qualify for this we do provide competitively priced advice private advice and representation services.

Contacting AFG LAW – Criminal Law Solicitors In Bolton

Our criminal law solicitors are approachable and dedicated, and will always put the client first. They will tell you exactly how it is and be completely honest with you every step of the way.

If you find yourself accused of a crime or caught up in a criminal investigation, AFG LAW can send a criminal law solicitor to your location within Lancashire and Greater Manchester. You can either fill out our contact us form or call us on  01204 377 600.  We also have a 24 hour police station advice line you can call on 07876155616.

We are bound by LSC time deadlines, so will not add unnecessary extra time onto such a traumatic ordeal.

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