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Unfair Dismissal & Unlawful Discrimination

AFG LAW in Bolton provides advice and representation for all those with unfair dismissal cases or unlawful discrimination cases.


What Is Classed As Unfair Dismissal and Unlawful Discrimination?
•    There is no justified reason for dismissing you
•    The company procedure was not followed
•    You were dismissed for an unfair reason e.g. maternity leave

Discrimination in the workplace can include the following topics:
•    gender
•    marriage or civil partnership
•    maternity leave
•    sexual orientation
•    disability
•    colour
•    ethnic background
•    nationality
•    religion or belief
•    age
•    gender reassignment
•    race
•    you work part time
•    you work full time

Discrimination can also come in different forms such as harassment which can include intimidating behaviour.  Sexist language or racial abuse which has intent to humiliate or upset the target is classed as discrimination.  Victimisation is when someone is treated more unfairly than another because they tried to make a complaint about the discrimination.
If you think you have been affected by any of the above then we can help.  Here at AFG LAW in Bolton we understand employment law and can provide you with the best solicitor or lawyer to fight your unfair dismissal or unlawful discrimination case.

For more information on how we can help please call us on 01204 377 600 or email  You can also contact us using our online form and we shall contact you shortly.

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