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Redundancy Procedures

AFG LAW in Bolton are specialists in providing representation for redundancy disputes. We provide in depth advice and representation on all cases which involve employment law. Employers have an obligation to consult with you before proceeding with a redundancy. This consultation gives you, the employee, an opportunity to have influence over the redundancy process. Within this meeting the employer should explain why you have been chosen as a candidate for redundancy and suggest possible alternatives.


What Causes A Redundancy Dispute?

•    If a redundancy lump sum which was expected has not been received from your employer and if you have already written to the employer directly to request the lump sum within six months of your employment being terminated
•    If you believe you are owed a payment and the employer disagrees
If you have a redundancy dispute we will review your contract and review your rights and give advice accordingly.  You will only be eligible for statutory redundancy pay if you have worked for your employer for a minimum of two years.
There are two types of redundancy pay:
•    Statutory redundancy pay – provided by law
•    Contractual statutory pay  –  if your employer has a redundancy scheme in place

Whatever your case, AFG LAW in Bolton can provide you with the best solicitor or lawyer to inform you of your rights and fight your redundancy dispute.
If you would like to contact us to discuss your dispute phone 01204 377 600 or email  Alternatively we have a contact us form.

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