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Maternity Rights

Here at AFG LAW in Bolton we can help if you think you have not received maternity rights that you are due.


What Are My Maternity Rights?

When you are pregnant at work your employer must:
•    Provide a normal rate of pay for time taken off for antenatal care
•    Maternity leave
•    Maternity pay benefits
•    Protected against unfair dismissal or unfair treatment
•    Perform a risk assessment e.g. heavy lifting, standing for long periods, toxic exposure, long working hours

If you believe you have been subject to any of the above you may have a case for your maternity rights.  The solicitor or lawyer that can help you in your case will provide you with advice as to how strong your case is and what the next steps are in taking your case forward.  Our extensive knowledge and experience of employment law means that we provide high quality representation to our clients to ensure the best outcome possible for all parties.

For more information on how we can help please call us on 01204 377 600 or email  You can also contact us using our online form and we shall contact you shortly.

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