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Breach Of Contract

At AFG LAW in Bolton we provide advice and representation on breach of contract claims. A breach of contract is when you or your employer breaks the terms of agreement written in a contract or a verbal agreement. If an employee breaks a term of contract which has created financial losses to the employer they can claim damages against the employee. Damages can only be rewarded if there is proof of financial loss.


What Is The Definition Of A Breach Of Contract?

Another common breach of contract is when an employee leaves their place of work without working the notice period or going to work for a competitor when their contract doesn’t allow it.

Additionally if you have been unfairly dismissed without being given proper notice or your employer has not followed the procedures as outlined in your contract you will have grounds to make a breach of contract claim.

Our extensive knowledge of employment law means that we can give you the best advice on how to take your case forward.  At AFG LAW your solicitor or lawyer will best advise you on what your legal rights are and how best to fight your case.

We are on hand to help you discuss your claim. Please call us on 01204 377 600 or email  Alternatively we have a contact us form and we will get back to you shortly.

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