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Family Mediation

Family mediation is a relatively informal process whereby you and the other party agree to appoint a neutral third-party to help you agree a solution to your divorce. The objective of mediation is to reach agreement about arrangements for children, property, finances etc rather than to reconcile the couple.

In support of Family Dispute Resolution Week we’d like you to view the following video. Aimed at members of the public who are going through a separation or know someone else who is, the video sends a strong message about the range of people that separation can affect – particularly children, in keeping with Resolution’s Code of Practice. It encourages people to contact, or to recommend contact, with a Resolution member in order to deal with their separation or divorce in ‘a better way’.

Family Mediation Solicitors In Bolton and Bury

The government now compels couples in a contentious divorce to participate in mediation; with a mediator they determine if the mediation process is preferable to court in order to reach agreement. It does not apply to couples not planning to contest their terms in court. Any agreement reached in mediation has to become a court order to be binding. This paperwork is then prepared by your solicitor, signed by you, and lodged at court.

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What are the benefits of a family mediation approach?

In mediation a neutral mediator works with all parties (who may each have appointed their own solicitors) to assist them to reach a solution. Mediation helps to:

  • keep lines of communication open and encourages positive discussion
  • clarify matters
  • give you control over the outcome
  • maintain a healthy ongoing family or business relationship with the other party

Will family mediation cost me more than a traditional court-led approach to my divorce?

You or your solicitor should get confirmation about how much the mediation costs will be; you may be eligible for public funding. As both parties should be committed to finding a solution it will be cheaper than contested court proceedings.

Straightforward disputes may be resolved in a single session, more complicated cases involving custody or significant finances can take longer. Family mediations often involve three to five sessions over a period of two to three months.

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