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Legal Representation

Legal representation helps with the costs of taking certain types of non‑criminal, or civil, cases to court and includes representation by a solicitor or barrister. To get legal representation someone must meet special legal and financial conditions. The Legal Services Commission (LSC) must also determine that it is reasonable to fund the case. A person might only get legal representation for as long as it takes a solicitor to look into the case. If the solicitor doesn’t think the case is strong enough legal representation might be stopped.

Solicitors who can help with Legal Representation in Bolton

In what cases can someone expect to receive legal representation?

The types of case that someone might be able to get help with under legal representation include:

  • a housing case, including eviction, repairs and rent arrears
  • a debt case
  • consumer problems, for example, if you were claiming compensation for faulty goods or services
  • an appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (but not for representation at an Employment Tribunal)
  • a judicial review case in the High Court
  • mental health review proceedings
  • an immigration or asylum case before the First-tier Tribunal and in some High Court cases
  • the costs of mediation in non-family cases

Legal Representation will not usually pay for the costs of taking a personal injury case to court.

What are the financial conditions for legal representation?

A person will receive legal representation if they or their partner receive the following:

  • income support
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • guaranteed credit part of Pension Credit

Someone can also receive legal representation for an asylum and immigration case if they receive government asylum support. If a person doesn’t get any of these benefits their income and capital will be assessed as will the merits of their case. In most cases, they will qualify for legal representation if they have disposable capital (savings) of under £8,000 (and also meet the income conditions).

Are there costs to pay for legal representation if the case is won?

If someone is awarded money or property as a result of work carried out through legal representation their solicitor may be required by the Legal Services Commission to use part of this award to pay their bill – the remainder will be kept by the client.. The client should ensure their solicitor or adviser gives them full details about the effects of the statutory charge before they pursue their case.

More information about paying for legal aid can be found on the Legal Services Commission website at Applications for legal representation should be made through a solicitor or adviser who has a contract with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) to provide this type of legal aid. The solicitor or adviser will help fill out an application form along with a financial assessment form.

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